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Please learn more about how our adoptions are changing in response to COVID-19 here

To adopt a puppy from Lifeline you will need to complete a qualifying questionnaire and sign a contract. You must be over 18 to adopt a puppy. Average adoption fees range from $125 - $400; Cash, Visa, MasterCard only (sorry no checks are accepted).

All puppies have current shots, are spayed/neutered, microchipped and have been dewormed.

Check our Puppies page for currently available puppies.

With every adoption, you will get:

  • A Puppy that has been well-cared for by trained staff and volunteers at our shelter
  • Free - 30-45 days health care insurance on each puppy provided by Pet First Pet Insurance 
  • Free - Free Veterinary wellness exam at over 44 Vet Clinics 
  • Preliminary vaccinations. Please discuss an appropriate vaccination schedule during your free veterinary wellness exam with a participating veterinarian.
  • Microchip identification implant 
  • Basic and advanced training referrals

How Our On-Site Adoption Events Work (UPDATE: At this time, we are doing Virtual Adoptions, please go to the Virtal Adoptions Page)

Every Saturday and Sunday (unless otherwise posted)

11:00-3:00 PM

15171 Riverdale Road, Brighton, CO 80602

What to do Before the Event: Check out the list of available puppies by going to the ‘Puppies’ link on our website the Friday before the event.  Due to the number of requests we do not take calls or e-mails on puppy inquires and are only open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, so it is best to make a personal visit to the rescue if you are interested in a particular puppy. All paperwork for adoptions can be filled out at the event and is not required beforehand. 

When to Arrive: Adoption events are on a first-come-first serve basis and Lifeline does not take holds on puppies, so if you are interested in a specific puppy, we recommend arriving prior to opening. How early you arrive is up to you, but know that Saturday events are very busy. We do most of our adoptions in the first two hours on Saturday. If you come early, park in the driveway in front of the gate, but off to the side so that the staff can enter. There will be staff, volunteers, and fosters going through the gate, but do not worry, you will not lose your place in line. A volunteer or staff member will hand numbers out to every car to ensure your spot before we open the gate.

What to Bring: If you have an existing dog, you are welcome to bring them to see how they get along with our puppies. You may also bring any kind of supplies you think you may need: collar, leash, travel kennel, etc. We do not provide a leash or collar to take with you; however, they are available for purchase (collar 4$, Lead 6$) at Lifeline’s store.

How the Process Works:

  • Once we open, you will be able to view all the available puppies in our show pens. If there is a puppy you are interested in, you will raise your hand and a volunteer will help you to a puppy play area. You can only look at one puppy at a time to ensure fairness for the puppies. You will get to play with the puppy for an appropriate amount of time and then you can decide to adopt or visit with another puppy.
  • With the number system, if two people are interested in the same puppy, the person with the lower number will be able to look at that puppy first. However, if they put the puppy back into the pen to look at other puppies, their initial hold on that puppy is forfeit and it can be looked at and adopted by anyone else.
  • There will be an information sheet located on the show pen that lists the puppy’s ID number, age, and approximate breed. The breed is our best educated guess and we may not know what the puppy is mixed with and cannot guarantee how big the puppy will get. If you have specific size requirements you will want to look at a puppy 3 months or older so we can get a better guess on size 
  • If you decide to adopt a puppy. A volunteer will put them back into their show pen, but cross their ID number off of the information sheet to show they are no longer available. You will fill out a qualifying questionnaire and contact sheet which we will use to send you your adoption paperwork.  
  • You will then attend a mandatory adoption session with other adopters to learn information on your puppy and the adoption contract. This process takes about 30 min and the sessions start only after the previous one has finished, so please plan for this and know you may have to wait awhile for the next session.
  • After the session is completed and the contract is filled out, you will be able to take your new puppy home with you. We do not have a boarding facility or take holds, so we will not be able to keep any puppy at our location after the adoption is completed.
  • You must be over 18 years old to adopt. Adoption fees range from $125- $400. Cash is preferred but we take credit cards of Visa, MasterCard sorry no Discover, AmEx or checks accepted).

Come check out an Adoption Event to give a rescue puppy a forever loving home! We hope to see you there!

Update: Rescue Adoptions and COVID-19


Information for adoptions can be found on the By-Appointment Adoptions Page and VIP Adoptions Page under the Adopt tab

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 and the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to humans is low.

There are still puppies that need our help. We are doing anything we can to save puppies from euthanasia during this trying time. Please consider donating to help us get these puppies out of high-kill shelters and support the puppies in our care. 

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