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About Us

Photographs of volunteers at Lifeline Puppy Rescue

Lifeline Puppy Rescue is a no-kill rescue for young puppies throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, Kansas, & New Mexico. 99% of the puppies we rescue come from city and county shelters. We like our mom & pop, friendly, small town image. People like adopting Lifeline's puppies and giving them a chance at life. The Lifeline connection to small towns and rural areas is crucial. When we work together, puppies no longer have to be destroyed.

Our Mission

Lifeline Puppy Rescue's mission is to Rescue and shelter puppies, build families, and promote responsible pet ownership.

Our Organization

Since our 1993 inception, Lifeline Puppy Rescue has saved 38,000 puppies in the west and midwestern United States from euthanasia at city and county kill shelters. We are a 501(c)3 organizationand and the largest and longest running facility of our kind in Colorado, with many LIfeline alumni dogs in your neighborhood! We are an all-breed rescue which accepts puppies and pregnant moms from 5 states and a network of 33 shelters and affiliated rescue organizations. We vet our puppies, treat for anything they may be suffering from, and once healthy, we place them for adoption to find a permanent home. Lifeline Puppy Rescue was founded as a no-kill shelter to save the lives of puppies that would otherwise have to be put down because of overpopulation problems in kill shelters. To date we have volunteers and animal welfare organizations in multiple states which help to transport puppies in danger, and unwated dogs across the Rocky Mountain region, Kansas, Texas and New Mexico. New puppies are brought in every Tuesday, placed in foster homes when possible and cared for until the right family comes along.

Lifeline Puppy Rescue is a true and 100 percent no-kill shelter. We keep every puppy until they find a home. Our vision is to create a world where every puppy has the safety of home and every family has the love of a puppy.

We are guided by the values that define us, including:

  • Excellence
  • Dedication
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Community


The Asilmar Accords were developed to create transparency and a uniform method of collecting and reporting data across varying shelters and rescues. Their purpose is to guide animal welfare organizations to work together to save the lives of all healthy and treatable companion animals. As a no-kill shelter, Lifeline Puppy Rescue is committed to rescuing and treating puppies and mom dogs that are at-risk of euthanasia. Many of these puppies have treatable ailments that many overpopulated and high-kill shelters do not have the resources or capacity to handle. We are determined to give these rescue animals the best chance at life by doing all that we can to help them find a forever loving home. Listed below are our shelter statistics.


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