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Kids That Care Program

Do you love puppies and want more to find happy homes and caring families? Do you have your own dog and want others to get that chance too? Kids That Care may be a great opportunity for you to join the Lifeline Puppy Rescue family and help raise support and funds for puppies!


Kids That Care is a great new program for kids who know they can make a difference in their communities! We’ve had so many really great young people raise money and support for Lifeline Puppy over the years that we’ve decided to create a toolkit to help all of these amazing efforts. With this structured toolkit, staff support, and lots of hard work, you can successfully collect financial contributions, gift cards, and in-kind donations for Lifeline Puppy. Most projects take 1 – 3 months, and Lifeline Puppy Rescue is here to support you every step of the way. 

How It Works: 

  1. Get organized – our toolkit and staff will help you with this!

  2. Collect donations

  3. Drop donations off at Lifeline Puppy

  4. Let everyone know how awesome you are!

Kids That Care is for Youth Who Are: 

  • 9–15yearsold
  • Living in Colorado
  • Excited about helping puppies
  • Responsible and organized
  • Willing to ask people for financial donations and keep them safe 

If you are interested in getting started, click here to email Scott today!

Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar

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