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Adopt By Owner

Welcome to the Adopt By Owner page. This page was created for uncertain circumstances faced by owners of all animals that are no longer able to care for their pets. This page is an option for people outside of surrendering pets to a shelter in their area that euthanizes. This also allows pets to be in an environment they are comfortable in. If you would like to post a dog on this page, please reach out to our contact here. Also, visit Get Your Pet! They are an online community that connects people who want to adopt a pet with people who need to find their pet a new home. 

If you are interested in adopting any dogs on this page or for more information, click on the "Contact" button.


Jade is aboutt 5.5 years-old, and we think she's a catahoula mix. She knows sit and stay. Comes when whistled to as well. She is potty trained, leash trained, and likes her crate! She's grown up with other dogs but prefers to be the only one getting attention. She is shy initially with strangers and would prefer not to be with kids. She loves being active, going on hikes, being outdoors. She loves attention and is very protective and loyal. She also likes to cuddle, and relax too! 


Chancho is 2 years old. He is potty trained, tends to go in one area outdoors. He knows sit, lay down, paw, drop it (if he has anything in his mouth that he shouldn’t), and down (stops jumping and to get off couch).

He’s good in a crate, he sleeps in an open crate and can stay in his crate if need be, there’s occasional crying but he does well. On the leash he does well and doesn’t pull too much unless he’s really excited and wants to see another dog.

Does well with small dogs and I was working on socializing with big dogs. It’s a hit or miss! Sometimes he does really well and other times he’s more dominant. Does well with strangers but is more frightened of tall men and can become agitated by them if not given some space.

He does really well with older kids and is not aggressive towards them but can forget his own strength and knock them over.

He likes walks, play with his toys and soccer balls and naps!

Lots of energy when playing and out and about but if he’s left alone he can be a bit of a couch potato.

Video of Chancho 1: https://youtu.be/GM_4zJphRsg 

Video of Chancho 2: https://youtu.be/Ud45hNZ8POU


We unfortunately have to find a new home for our dog Pebbles. Pebbles is a 6 year old Lab Mix who weighs about 70lbs with all of her up-to-date shots. I have had Pebbles since she was 5 months old and actually had adopted her through Lifeline. She knows basic commands like come, sit, lay, off(down), place, etc. She is a very sweet girl who is generally well-behaved around the house and definitely likes to have attention. She LOVES playing tug-o-war with her ropes, and teasing you with her tennis balls. She hasn't been put in a crate in probably 4 years, so I'm not sure how she would do with that, but she generally used to just lay down and go straight to sleep. She would have some accidents in the crate from time-to-time back then. She is great around the house, and is house broken. She won't chew anything so no need to worry about your belongings being destroyed. 


Pebbles loves going on walks and sunbathing in a warm spot outside. If you don't mind running around a little, she will happily chase you. She loves all humans and gets pretty excited when people come over. She does have a problem with jumping on people when they come into our house, all due to excitement, but settles down after a few minutes. I'd like to emphasize that she is absolutely WONDERFUL with kids. She loves playing with them and seems especially happy when they're around! Our nieces are actually very bummed that we have to find Pebbles a new home. 


Pebbles is not, however, good with other animals. We have another male dog who is a similar size and unfortunately she is very dominant toward him, going as far as to start fights with him sometimes. We're expecting a new addition to the family at the end of the year and just can't have that around a newborn baby. I absolutely love this dog and she is such a wonderful, loving pooch, but she just needs a home where she is the only pet and her owners understand that she doesn't do well around other animals. She also is very excitable/aggressive toward other dogs walking by our house (through the fence of course). 


I'm very sad to say in the last couple weeks we have also found out about a Medical issue that requires surgery which we can't afford at this time. It is an issue that needs to be addressed for her to continue living with a reasonable quality of life and I will be happy to give you more information should you have a big enough heart to be interested in this amazing pup. 


I sadly need to rehome my dog Eliza. Eliza turned 3 in March. She is spayed and weighs 40lbs. All shots up to date. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, I was her foster mom. She knows how to sit and is okay on a leash but not formally trained. She is housebroken and uses a dog door to go outside.  She has not had any other training (except to work on her behaviors with my other dog). She is fine in a crate. She will lay in there during the day when it's her turn to be separated from the rest of us and she will sleep in there at night. Sometimes she sleeps with my daughter when she is home from college. She is never the one to wreck things - shoes, furniture, toys... I trust her. Unfortunately, she does jump up on people, but the trainer did say she picks things up easily.  

She hasn't been around cats but we used to have a chinchilla and the only time she paid attention to it is when it would "chirp". She never barked at it or tried to get in the cage. She hasn't been around little kids so I can't say how she would be. She will jump on anyone who walks in the door. 

She has always been alpha over my dog Carl, he used to submit but now that he has stopped, they will fight. Since October I have to keep them in separate parts of the house - if they see each other they will fight. She is not like this with any other dog. I do have a third dog, Kevin, and currently she gets along great with him.  She is vocal when they play, my friend said she sounds like a cow. I also dog-sit for a friend and she gets along fine with that dog as well.

She likes to be outside and since I've been working from home will lay at my feet or on the couch. She is not big on toys. Likes treats - "Busy Bones", rawhide, milkbones, pupperoni. She likes outside and will lay out in the yard on her own for a while. She's pretty easy going at home or in the car.  She likes going for walks but since I have 3 dogs it doesn't happen often.  

It breaks my heart to rehome her, I want her to have a loving owner who will be kind to her. She really is a perfect dog except for her attitude towards Carl.  



Hello all.. This is Bo. He will be 2 in August and is a Lab/Pitbull mix. Bo is a very sweet boy, treat motivated, excited to learn and experience new things and energetic. Bo gets along with the girl dog in his home and with other dogs outside of the house like when he was in the board and train program. He does get excited because he wants to meet everyone.

However, Bo is currently in training with his brother because both boys want to be Alpha. For them to both thrive and have the best doggy life, they would be better in separate homes. Preferably for Bo to be the only dog in the house, but could do well with another girl dog as long as he gets a lot of attention.

He is potty trained, knows how to use a doggy door or ask to be let out. He knows how to sit, down, stay, Let’s go, heal and Free which releases him from his climb. He is very treat motivated so he is interested in learning. He is kennel trained but prefers to hang out on his climb.

He is good with kids, teens especially. Bo loves to be the center of attention, loves everyone he meets and needs that special someone to have patience and time to devote to him.

Video of Bo: https://youtu.be/IgPocWx--X4

Video 2 of Bo: https://youtu.be/m2NDQHd-Yys



Cooper is 3 years old and 65 pounds.


He is a sweet cuddle bug once he is comfortable with you and when he initiates it. He is hilarious and such a goofy dog with a strong personality that will make you laugh everyday. Someone will be lucky to have him as a part of their life. He will need the right person to take it slow.

When he is in a quiet environment, he is very calm and loving. When he is uncomfortable or feels cornered, his defense mechanism is to bite. He needs a very slow introduction to strangers (especially men). He does best on a leash or separated from strangers when first introduced so he can get some time to warm up to them, then do a slow introduction.

He has lived with another dog the past 3 years and gets along with him great. He is a very excited dog who loves to play and play and at some point can need to be told to calm down so the other dog can rest.

He needs someone who is patient and willing to work with him. He has been through basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience classes and is very smart and a quick learner. 

He is potty trained and knows the commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Wait, Heal, and Place. He walks well on a leash with a prong collar. He does not do well in a crate so he will need some help getting used to one.


Required to adopt Cooper:

No homes with children

Must have experience with biting dogs (preference will be given to certified trainer)

Must be familiar with or willing to muzzle train

He does much better with women than men when first meeting

  • Likes: Sunbathing, Chest Pats, Couch Snoozin with Pillow and Blanket of course, Sniffing the Mail, Treats, Cuddling
  • Dislikes: Feeling cornered, people not respecting his space, loud noises
  • Temperament: Cooper is a higher energy dog when he’s nervous/anxious. But when he’s comfortable in his environment he loves cuddling, napping, and lounging.

Video of Cooper: https://youtu.be/fWw-SSVswy8


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