Adopt By Owner

Welcome to the Adopt By Owner page. This page was created for uncertain circumstances faced by owners of all animals that are no longer able to care for their pets. This page is an option for people outside of surrendering pets to a shelter in their area that euthanizes. This also allows pets to be in an environment they are comfortable in. If you would like to post a dog on this page, please reach out to our contact here

If you are interested in adopting any dogs on this page or for more information, contact information is given.


Cooper is a sweet 7 year old Chiweenie about 22lbs (but could probably lose a few more pounds).  He was with an elderly woman that was put on Hospice care and later passed.  Her great granddaughter took him in and has been trying to find a good home for him.  He is the sweetest boy who just loves to lounge around with his person so pretty low energy.  He LOVES going on walks and getting rides in the car!  He does like to explore so definately a leash on him if not in a fenced yard.  He loves everyone and walks around with his favorite toy in his mouth all day!.  His good with other dogs and kids but tends to chase the kitty cats a bit.  He would be the perfect companion to a retired person/couple that want a friend around.  Don't pass this one up.  Contact Maddie if interested 970-497-0989



Hi! My name is Tony. I'm an 8-year old Maltese. I'm being fostered after my original owner passed away.  I'm an active, happy little guy who loves toys and treats (especially turkey twists), and will follow you around the house to make sure you're okay.  

My foster family has helped me with some medical issues that they suspect was due to neglect from my original owner--I needed a dental extraction due to my previous bad diet, and my back legs are a bit wonky. The vet says this is related to a spinal issue that may have been due to a fall or some past trauma. It means I'm unable to jump up on furniture, and the vet advised me to avoid stairs or long walks to avoid hurting my back (works for me--I love being held like a baby!). My foster family has been working on house-training me. It's been a slow process, so I've been wearing male wraps in the meantime.  I'll do best with an owner who's able to keep an eye on my medical issues and make sure I get regular check-ups.

I can be reactive and barky around other animals, so I'd be best suited in a home where it's just me and my human.  I also get cranky sometimes when I'm approached, particularly if I'm chewing on a toy/treat or if I'm at rest.  It tends to happen more at nighttime--something makes me scared and aggressive, though I usually calm down after a few moments.  At nighttime, it's best to let me come to you rather than approaching me.  I have a lot of love to give though, and as long as my human is near me and I have a bed, some fresh water, and treats lying around, I'm the happiest guy in the world.

Please contact Matt for more information coloradoodle80202@gmail.com


Hi! My name is Bean. I'm a 3-year-old German shepherd/Laborador mix. I'm being fostered because I got into a fight with my best friend, another girl dog. No one was seriously hurt, but my owner said she couldn't take the risk of us fighting again and hurting each other. I'm was really sad about it and so was everyone in my owner's family.

I'm an active, happy girl who loves toys and will play ball for hours. I will follow you around the house to make sure you're okay and sleep at the foot of your bed on my own dog bed. My foster mom calls me a "velcro" dog!

Even though I was born with two minor birth defects, a hump in my spine and a half-length tail, I have no issues with mobility and running around at top speed! I have even run UP a slide at a kid's playground and I am a whiz at catching balls—my previous owners were astonished at my agility and skill! ​I have been well taken care of my entire life: I have been spayed, vaccinated, given wellness visits and, and microchipped. My previous owners loved me very much and even made me homemade organic dog food!

I can be reactive and barky around other humans if I don't know them (I settle down pretty quickly) and I MUST have a home with no other female dogs! I love all people, though it takes me a minute to warm up. I have had a lot of fun playing with other dogs.

Please contact Sandra for more information maefayne@msn.com



This is Koda - he is a heeler mix. Will be 6 this summer. He went through puppy school when we got him - about 4 months old. He can sit, stay, shake hands, leave it, say goodbye, heal, drop it . He loves to play . Grew up with older kids( 9-20 years old ) . He is not getting along anymore with our older dog at times- eating time, when she walks by his bed and he is sleepy- so we are deciding to rehome  him. He is a bit of an anxious dog and barks at all other dogs. He needs to be the only dog at a home. He is very territorial about his food and needs to eat by himself.  He is crate trained and likes to lay in it on his own.  He needs someone who will play and teach him daily- he has a lot or energy. He does like to nap and can be calm too. He is up to date on all shots  and healthy. Please give him a home! 

Please text or email me to learn more about Koda: 720-935-9981 / singinglenehan@gmail.com