Shepherd Mix
4 Months

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My name is Marvin!

  • Shepherd Mix

  • 4 Months

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $250

Marvin (#414) is such a calm, sweet, adorable pup. He has made himself at home and fit into our family the first day. We completely trust him to free roam our house even when we are not home and he does great and has not chewed on anything. He has followed the lead of my 3 dogs and is potty trained. He is a very smart pup and has figured out how to use our dog door and will sit for a treat. He is loyal, wants to please and is treat motivated. He is sleeping quietly through the night in a dog bed next to my bed. He loves playing with my 2 terrier mix dogs and my big shepherd/rottweiler/pit mix dog and does not have any food or toy aggression. He doesn't mind cats. He loves all food, treats, balls, toys and bones. He has experienced fireworks (neighbors graduation party) and shows no fear or reaction to them. He has such a calm and quiet personality and would do fine as an only pup because he loves people, but also would do great with some doggy siblings. He is going to make a great family dog!