Terrier Mix
13 Weeks

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My name is Rocky!

  • Terrier Mix

  • 13 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $475

Rocky is an amazing, fun-loving, energetic puppy! He loves playtime and is having the best time with the very big bin of toys at his foster family's house, he gets easily distracted trying to pick a favorite because they're all so fun. Rocky has a great time exploring and running around the backyard. He is well on his way to being house trained, with no accidents since the first day and he sleeps through the night in his crate with his sister. He can be a bit of a talker when he'd rather be hanging out with you instead of in his crate or play area but he has gotten much better and feels very comfortable in his areas. Rocky knows sit and has been doing very well walking on a leash, he can get a little nervous with new sights and sounds on a walk but has been building confidence with every new adventure. This week he's really discovered how nice it is to lean in for a hug or cuddle on the couch. He is doing great with his two older foster sister dogs, giving space to the one who doesn't always like a puppy in her face and wrestling with the one who wants all the puppy attention. Rocky is such a fun puppy, he can't wait for all of the adventures he will have with his forever family!

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