Terrier Mix
5 Months

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Happy 30th Birthday Lifeline Puppy!


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My name is Rocky!

  • Terrier Mix

  • 5 Months

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $250

Rocky is an amazing, fun-loving puppy! He loves playtime and is so happy with a nice chew toy or ball. Rocky has a great time exploring and running around the backyard. Rocky has mastered”sit” and has been working on learning “leave it” and “wait”. Rocky loves to go on walks and is very good on a leash, he occasionally will get nervous/ over excited when he sees other dogs and needs to work on that but he can typically be easily redirected. He is house trained and will sit near the back door when he needs to go out but we still take regular potty breaks just in case. Rocky sleeps through the night in his own crate and likes to come in bed in the morning for some nice early morning snuggles. Rocky is a people puppy and he loves to be around you. He is also amazing with his two foster sister dogs and loves to run and wrestle with them. Rocky is such a sweetheart and a fun puppy, he can't wait for all of the adventures he will have with his forever family!