Lab/Pit Mix
14 Weeks

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My name is Trip!

  • Lab/Pit Mix

  • 14 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $400

Trip is a fantastic puppy and will make a great new family member for almost any family. She was given her name because she likes to walk in-between or in front of your legs and almost trips you. She loves to cuddle and play! She interacts well with two children (5 and 7) with minimal teeth. She will need supervision to ensure she does not learn to nip (no nipping at this point which is amazing for a such a young pup). She absolutely loves other dogs (way more than people). She submissively licks dog faces of her foster siblings (Male and Female). She would be best with dogs her size or bigger. She is too playful and rough with dogs smaller. She is a heavy duty chewer (common for a puppy her age). She'll pretty much put anything in her mouth. She will need many heavy duty chewing toys and plenty of exercise to keep destructive chewing to a minimum. Her energy level is moderate! She is definitely not a high energy dog but would still benefit from long walks twice a day. She is crate trained and quiets down in the crate after a few minutes (we have been using a treat every time she enters the crate on her own). She would be great as a 1st dog, 2nd dog or even as a companion for an elderly dog. All dogs in the foster home are seniors and it is an excellent match!

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