Australian Shepherd Mix
12 Weeks

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My name is Moto Moto!

  • Australian Shepherd Mix

  • 12 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $450

He is a very entertaining puppy and such a good boy! He is very good at entertaining himself though he has the attention span of a toddler. He does best if he has several toys to choose from when he’s playing. He also loves to play tug of war and fetch with his humans. Moto Moto does play a little rough and has a bad habit of puppy nipping. We have been working with him on this and he is getting a lot better but forgets sometimes and still nips. He needs someone who will consistently work with him on this and we believe he will be able to break the habit soon. Moto Moto sleeps in a playpen at night and is fantastic. He sleeps through the night and does not whine or cry at all. He is also doing really well with potty training. He is learning to ask to go out by scratching on the door but sometimes waits a little too long to ask. He is so close though! Moto Moto is treat motivated. He was able to learn “sit” very quickly will train easily, especially with rewards. Please take a moment to meet him at the adoption event, we look forward to him finding the perfect forever family. He is an absolute joy.

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