Border Collie Mix
18 Weeks

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My name is Maverick!

  • Border Collie Mix

  • 18 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $450

This is Maverick and he is a joy to be around! He is incredibly loving, cuddly, and will follow you everywhere! He isn’t afraid to curl up with you on his favorite blanket and take a nap with you. He’s a typical puppy and loves playing with all kinds of toys. He can be a little shy at first while he gets comfortable in his new space. Maverick (chosen for our love of Top Gun) currently lives with two other dogs (3 years and 2 years) and one other cat (7 years). He has done well with all of our animals (they play and snuggle together) and all the humans he has met. He is learning to sit (and picking it up pretty quickly!) and drop. Potty training is going well and has only had one small accident since being fostered. We are working on his basic commands, he is very food motivated and loves treats as a reward when training. He is getting used to being kennel trained but he does still whine for a little bit before he settles down. He would make a great friend and part of the family and he truly has so much love to give.