German Shepherd Mix
11 Weeks

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My name is Romeo!

  • German Shepherd Mix

  • 11 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $475

Romeo, Romeo, where art thou new home, Romeo?! Oh, this charming boy's top priority is love and affection; everything else comes after. For a puppy, he has a super manageable energy and temperament. He just wants to be near his foster mama, cuddle, sleep and occasionally play. When he does play, he entertains himself with dog toys instead of human things - unbelievable! He goes potty outside on command (but you do have to encourage him to go out -- he should be an easy student here though). He walks on a leash, knows "sit" and "stay" and sleeps in a dog bed. He plays hard with the neighbor's dog and would enjoy another animal companion in the home. His only vice is that he hates to be separated from humans, so he will cry for several minutes in the crate until he realizes you're not letting him out just yet.