October is Pet Wellness Month

October is Pet Wellness Month! We love our pets and want them to live long and happy lives. Here are some ways we can help maintain their health and contribute to their wellness: 

Diet- A balanced and nutritional diet helps boost your pet's immune system and contributes to their overall health. Talk to your vet about what specific diet is right for your pet and try to avoid over feeding. Although we feel inclined to give our pets lots of treats (or maybe a table snack), studies show that 30-40% of pets are overweight which could lead to health problems including diabetes, heart disease, liver problems, or joint pain. 

Physical Exercise- Exercise is good for us and our pets! Finding the right routine for your pet can help prevent obesity and improve your pup's joint and muscle health. Physical activity is also good for their mind! Exercise has been found to help decrease anxiety in dogs and prevent destructive behaviors associated with boredom. 

Mental Exercise- Many dogs need more than just physical exercise. Often times behavioral problems such as chewing or digging come from a lack of mental stimulation in dogs. Training, puzzle toys, and taking them to new places can help keep your pet sharp and engaged! 

Wellness Exams- Yearly wellness exams help check your pet's health now and keep them on track for the future. During these exams, you can create a plan for vaccinations and preventative medication that will help extend your pet's life. Many clinics offer free or low-cost wellness exams this month!

Grooming- Along with inner health, it is important to maintain your pup's outer health. Cleaning your pet's coat, teeth, and nails not only will make your pet shine, it also is a great way to check the health of their skin, fur, gums, teeth, and paws. 

Paperwork- Do you have all of your pup's records together? Having your pup's spay or neuter paperwork, vaccine history, microchip information, and other medical records is very important. Whether you have to move or evacuate suddenly or if your pet escapes or has a medical emergency, you want to have your paperwork prepared for any situation. 

So for Pet Wellness Month let's celebrate the pet's in our lives by giving them what they need to be healthy in their lives!