7 Helpful Winter Tips for Your Pup!

As the days get colder, you want to keep your pup warm and safe, here are some things to watch for:

1. Watch their paws: 

While walking your pup, their paws can collect all kinds of harmful chemicals such as salt, ant-freeze, or de-icers. Be sure to wipe off their paws after they come back into the house to remove any toxic materials before they lick it off. You can also massage petroleum jelly on their paws or use winter booties to keep paws pads protected. Antifreeze is an attractant to dogs because it is sweet to the taste, so be sure to clean up any spills or leaks that may be in your garage or elsewhere.

2. Watch the temperature: 

Colorado is very deceptive, it can look sunny through your window, but be below freezing outside. Keep in mind that short-coated, younger, smaller, and older dogs may have difficulty keeping their internal temperature up and therefore you may need to adjust their time outdoors during the winter months. Same goes for the car, just as inside the car can get hotter in the summer, it can act as an icebox in the winter.

3. Watch your leash: 

Dogs tend to get lost during the winter more than any other season because the snowfall makes it harder for them to trace scents that typically lead towards home. By keeping pups on leash, it decreases their chance of being separated and getting lost. Be sure to have an updated tag on their collar with contact information and that they are micro-chipped. Lifeline Puppy Rescue microchips all puppies before adoption, but be sure your chip is registered to your home information!

4. Watch their coat: 

Avoid shaving your pups coat to make sure they have optimal warmth. If you are concerned about ice clumps or snow collecting on long-haired dogs, you can always do a slight trim.

5. Watch their Skin: 

Be cautious not to bathe your pet too often as it can remove essential oils and leave them with dry, flaky skin. Going in and out of the cold will also dry their skin, so perhaps keep your home humidified or dry your pup with a towel as soon as they come in to keep their skin from drying out all day. 

6. Watch for Ice: 

On your dog walks, keep an eye out for frozen lakes and ponds. If your pet falls through the ice, they are in danger of serious injury or even death. Be sure to look out for ice patches as well so you don’t slip and fall when walking your pet!

7. Help people watch for you: 

Since it gets dark early on at night, it may be difficult for people and drivers to see you during evening walks. Stay safe with reflective gear such as collars, jackets, leashes and other so that you can be seen. Keep your pups close and keep an eye out!

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