Basset Hound Mix
11 Weeks

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My name is Marley!

  • Basset Hound Mix

  • 11 Weeks

  • Girl

  • $375 + $100 Spay/Neuter Deposit

Please take a moment to meet Bob (100) and Marley (99). We have had them in our home for a few weeks and are having so much fun with them, they are a great source of entertainment! They play hard and sleep hard. They wrestle and play tug of war with each other a lot but will also play with a wide variety of toys. Marley loves toys that are easy to squeak and things that roll around that she can chase. Bob loves any toy that his sister is playing with but also likes stuffed animals that he can chew on. He can’t figure out how to squeak a squeaky toy to save his life, but he sure tries. They both love hard bones to chew on. They both love to snuggle. They have been allowed on our couch and will climb on our laps or snuggle next to us to take a break and love to nap next to their humans. Marley will stop, drop and roll for a belly rub any time. They both will give lots of kisses and sit on your lap and be soooo excited when someone enters the room. They are smart puppies and, especially Marley, will test the boundaries. She is learning the meaning of no and has gotten good at listening when corrected. They have gotten good at using a potty pad. We haven’t gotten too far with going outside, our yard is full of ice and snow which is hard for their short little legs to get around. We have them together in a playpen at night and they sleep through the night and wait quietly in the morning for us to get up and take them out to play.