Lab Mix
12 Weeks

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Happy 30th Birthday Lifeline Puppy!



My name is Annabelle!

  • Lab Mix

  • 12 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $475

Please take a moment to meet sweet Annabelle. We are just getting to know her personality though we've had her in our home for a little over a week. She is a little timid/shy but she finally is coming out of her shell and she is a very funny and entertaining puppy. We expect her to be a bit shy meeting her new family and settling in to her new home but be patient she is worth the wait! Annabelle loves to chase balls, toys of any kind and is getting pretty good about bringing them back. She plays a bit of tug of war but has found the squeaky toys and love those as well. She would do well with another dog to play with. She loves hanging with her human family on the couch just chilling or chewing on a bone. She's gets startled with unexpected noises. She is catching on to potty training and goes outside on her own if she has access. She is loving the beginning of fall - she loves to chase the leaves blowing around in the yard. Annabelle sleeps in her play pen enclosure and night and does GREAT! She stays quiet through the night but will let you know in the am when she is ready to start her day. She has the cutest puppy howl. She is close to not needing to stay in the pen at night. She is eating hard puppy food and a little bit of canned food. She is a grazer and only east a little bit at a time so she eats throughout the day. We can't wait for Annabelle to find her forever family she will bring so much joy to her new home!