Australian Shepherd Mix
17 Weeks

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My name is Heidi (Lil Z)!

  • Australian Shepherd Mix

  • 17 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $250

We originally named this amazing puppy, Heidi, but then nicknamed her "Lil Z" for the Z her fur makes on her back. She's smart, athletic, crate trained and loves the bootie scratches. Lil Z's favorite things are scooby snacks, chewing on ice and laying on the turf outside in the sun. She gets so excited in the mornings to see the humans and big dogs. Lil Z likes the attention of everyone, but also independently goes into her crate for some alone time. She's got a gentle mouth while playing and does best with a soft, gentle tone when training. We've only heard her bark when our dogs start barking and she chimes in. I don't think she get any bigger than 40lbs max when full grown. She's been a super easy and fun foster for our family and she will be missed when she finders her Fur-ever home!