Catahoula Mix
4 Months

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My name is Hazel!

  • Catahoula Mix

  • 4 Months

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $250

Hazel (#671) is absolutely gorgeous. She is the calmest, sweetest, quietest pup we have ever fostered. She is so quiet and we have not even heard her bark. She has made herself at home and fits right into our family and we trust her to free-roam our house even when we are not home and she does great. She has followed the lead of my 3 dogs and seems to be completely potty trained and has not had a single accident in our house since the first day we had her. She is super smart and has figured out how to use our dog door on her own and is learning to sit for a treat. She is loyal, wants to please and is treat motivated. She is sleeping through the night on a dog bed next to my bed. She is very comfortable around my 2 terrier mix dogs and submissive to my big shepherd/rottweiler/pit mix dog. She does not have any food or toy aggression. She loves treats and putting toys in her dog bed to sleep with. Her favorite thing in the world is getting pets from people. She would do fine as an only pup because she loves people, but also would do great with some doggy siblings. She is going to make a great family dog!