Heeler Mix
12 Weeks

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My name is Benny!

  • Heeler Mix

  • 12 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $475

Benny is a sweet, very busy boy. He will do well with active owners who want to take him on outdoor treks. He is very smart and in only a few days has learned about toys, doing his business outside, and walking on a leash. Benny is quite food motivated, so whatever training you do, have a pocket full of tiny treats. Regarding toys, his favorites are rope toys and a nylon bone (beef flavored). He will chase after balls, but not bring them back (yet}, but the homemade jeans rope toy I made he will bring back for more. Regarding doing his business, he must be watched still for queues, but if crated or penned it has become clear that when he whines emphatically he needs to go out and will do his business once out. He learned the leash very fast and within a couple days walks quite nicely, but being a pup he needs more training to walk beside you. Benny is quite mischievous as all puppies are, so keep an eye on him since he loves to chew. He's a light sleeper, so it is best to crate him with a sheet cover so he can get a good rest, but you will work out what's best for you. I have also done this at night and he does very well. He makes me laugh as he has a very nice disposition and particularly when he chases a toy and literally pounces!