Doberman/Hound Mix
14 Weeks

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My name is Kyra!

  • Doberman/Hound Mix

  • 14 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $475

Model alert! Krya is ready to have your back and look gorgeous doing it. She loves zooming around the backyard and finding sticks to chew on. She would love to hang out by your side, chew on a toy, and let you know if she hears an unusual noise. Kyra appreciates slow introductions to new things and once she understands them, she knows she can be brave. She is looking for a family to build up her confidence, work on her training, and give scratches behind her big, beautiful ears. She is very respectful of her foster sister, keeps her teeth to her toys, and hasn't had a single accident inside the house at her foster home so far. She's going to be an intelligent, loyal dog and can't wait to join your family.