Shepherd Mix
12 Weeks

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My name is Toby!

  • Shepherd Mix

  • 12 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $475

“Toby” is seriously a dream puppy. He has a very sweet face and a lovely personality. He is gentle as can be with our 3 year old daughter, no jumping or nipping her to date. He sleeps through the night independently in his crate, and has not yet had any accidents in the house. (We have puppy pads available, but he thought they were more fun to shred than to use for their intended purpose.) Toby likes to snuggle on the couch with you and seems to be on the calmer end of the personality spectrum. If a cozy dog bed is available, he will go curl up and take a nap rather than cruise around the house looking for mischief. He is a bit more timid, but if you talk to him in a sweet voice, his whole body starts to wiggle with excitement. Lots of early socialization will be important for Toby to build his confidence around people and out in the world. You may hear him bark if you have cats, but other than that, he’s a fairly quiet boy. There are 3 large breed resident dogs here with varying personalities but he gets along well with all of them. Toby is a wonderful pup and anyone would be lucky to have him!