St. Bernard/Shepherd Mix
10 Weeks

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My name is Sweet Pea!

  • St. Bernard/Shepherd Mix

  • 10 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $475

This little girl has such a sweet personality. She was a little shy at first but once she knows you are safe, she will steal your heart. She is soft and snuggly and loves pets. She bounces excitedly while playing with other dogs and exploring the back yard. She has been so great with our young children! Gentle and sweet but playful too! Digging in our sand box is one of her favorite activities outdoors. Inside, she loves every dog toy or chew bone! She is very content just being around you or napping in the next room. She is such a sweetie pie and will make a great addition to any family! She is doing very well learning to potty train and seems eager to learn tricks!