Husky Mix
10 Weeks

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My name is Jager!

  • Husky Mix

  • 10 Weeks

  • Boy

  • $375 + $100 Spay/Neuter Deposit

If you need a wingman, Jager is the man! He’s happy running around playing but just as happy to snuggle up, cuddle and take a nap with you. He loves playing with his brother and foster dog sister, and although he’s the smallest, he holds his own in toy tugs-of-war! He’s been exposed to dogs, cats, chickens, kids, and a couple of horses and pretty much just goes about his own happy way. He is sleeping through the night and understands that when he goes outside, he needs to do his business. He’s also figured out the doggie door and loves using it! He has a really cute little stripe on his forehead and a tail that curls in a circle and never stops wagging. My foster mom thinks I’m just a little sweetie and will equally make a great family dog or best friend who will be up for anything!