The Rule of Three

For many rescue puppies and mom dogs, getting used to their new forever home takes an adjustment period. Recently detailed in National Geographic's article Getting through the pandemic puppy blues, one way you can help your new pet acclimate is by understanding the Rule of Three.

Three Days: Coming into a new environment may be overwhelming for your puppy. They may act distant, scared, or sleepy in an attempt to shelter themself. You can help manage your puppy's stress during these 3 days by giving them a quiet space and positive reinforcement. 

Three Weeks: Once your puppy settles in more, they may also begin to feel a sense of ownership. This can manifest itself into negative behaviors such as resource guarding or excessive barking. It's recommended to start training as soon as possible to instead encourage positive behaviors. 

Three Months: It can take this amount of time for your puppy to truly feel at home with your family. Encouragement, patience, and training are great ways to help your new pet feel welcomed into their forever home. 

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