You're What Puppies Wish For

The greatest gift you have given your pet is a loving home. You have also given them a second chance at life. At Lifeline Puppy Rescue, we rescue puppies from situations such as high-kill shelters where they may have been otherwise euthanized. We have taken in some puppies that are malnourished, some that are covered in ticks, and some needing life-altering surgeries. As a no-kill shelter, we do everything we can to save their lives, even puppies like Willow.

Willow came to us completely terrified of humans and would bark and lunge at us if we tried to interact with her. We don’t know how she became scared, but we wanted to help her see that she was safe at Lifeline. We had to strategically socialize her and teach her to walk on a specialized leash. With consistent training and some helpful dog friends, she finally learned to trust us. Willow was in our care for 107 days before she found her forever home. She taught us that we will never give up on a single puppy just because they need more care and attention.

Each puppy has a story with us, but when they find a home with you, their new story begins. It’s a story of family, adventure, and many memories you hold dear. So no matter what their beginning was, their stories have a happy end.

As we approach 2019, we prepare to take in thousands of homeless puppies and learn their stories. Give the gift of saving a puppy’s life today.

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