Spaying/Neutering Informational

Greetings from Lifeline Puppy Rescue!

We hope you are enjoying your new puppy that was recently adopted from Lifeline Puppy Rescue! Just a reminder that your 90 day spay/neuter requirement date is approaching. Below are some frequently asked questions about the spaying/neutering process:

Why is it so Important to Spay/Neuter My Dog?

 There are many benefits to spaying and neutering your dog from behavioral to medical. Spaying and Neutering can be known to:

  • Prevent certain life-threatening diseases such as uterine infections and breast tumors (which are 50% malignant or cancerous) in females and testicular cancer and prostate problems in males.
  • Decrease aggression in males as intact males are more prone to mounting and aggressive behaviors.
  • Protect your house from males that are more likely to mark if they are not neutered.
  • Prevent heat cycles for females which cause more frequent urination in households.
  • Deters males from finding creative ways to escape. Intact males often will leave their yard or house in search of a female dog.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide to Redeem My $50.00 Spay/Neuter Deposit?

  • Please e-mail lifelinepuppyrescue@yahoo.com a copy of your spay/neuter certificate or paid invoice to verify that your puppy’s procedure has been completed.
  • Upon our reception of this information, you will be able to redeem your $50 spay/neuter deposit.
  • You do have the option to donate this deposit towards helping other rescue puppies in need; however, we still need proof of the procedure.

How Much Does a Spay/Neuter Cost?

The average cost for a spay/neuter procedure is $75-400. Below is a referral list for low-cost spay/neuter clinics:

  • Gillett Veterinary Clinic: (303) 469-5540 (Westminster)
  • Denver Dumb Friends League: (720) 241-7098 (Denver)
  • Allbrick Veterinary Clinic: (303) 429-1400 (Federal Heights)
  • Hermosa Veterinary Clinic: (303) 455-2131 (Denver)
  • SpayToday, NeuterNow!: (303) 984-7729 (Lakewood)

This is also a state requirement as well our personal commitment to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals and to prevent puppies from being euthanized in overpopulated/high-kill shelters. Let us know if you have any questions or need any further support. Thank you again for saving a life by adopting from Lifeline Puppy Rescue!

To learn more about the benefits of spaying and neutering, check out the ASPCA Pet Care site: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/general-pet-care/spayneuter-your-pet