Maggie: The Story of My Babies and My Very Fun Adventure

Baby Announcement

Welcome the arrival of my 12 beautiful babies!

Born: 5/26/18

Hi my name is Maggie! I was brought to Lifeline Puppy Rescue as a pregnant mama dog. I loved people right away and everyone told me that I was absolutely glowing. The people at Lifeline were trying to find me a foster home to have my babies in, but I decided I just couldn’t wait, so I surprised them and gave birth at the shelter. I had 12 healthy happy babies and everyone was so proud of me! A lady came to the shelter soon after and the people at Lifeline asked her to be my foster mom. They told her the typical foster time commitment was usually around 3 weeks, but that I was a very special case. They said that I would need to stay with her until my babies were old enough for adoption, which meant 8 whole weeks. She was so nice though and was happy to take us all in. She was given lots of things including bowls, toys, food, blankets, an exercise pen, and a baby pool for me to lay in with my babies.

Talking care of 12 babies is a lot of work for a single dog mom, but my foster mom and her family were always there to help me. My foster mom would invite neighbors and friends to help take my babies and me outside to play in the yard. I was always happy to greet all the new faces with my tail wagging and a smile. We even had little kids come over and I played fetch with them. Sometimes, I got breaks from my babies and got to go to the dog park where I would play with all sorts of dogs. When I’m out walking on a leash though, I act leash-defensive where I bark at dogs because I’m defending my foster mom. But when the leash comes off, I am very happy to say hello! I really like to play and take naps with the dog that lives in my foster home. There were times my foster mom would take us all back to Lifeline to get vaccines and more supplies because we went through them quickly. And one time, she told me that Lifeline Puppy Rescue was throwing me a baby shower! She said they made a post on something called “Facebook” asking for some support and it got 175 shares! I got all sorts of stuff like puppy pads, toys, puppy formula, and so much else. It was nice that people I didn’t even know were making a difference in my life!

 It’s been a long journey and recently my babies and I went up for adoption. I love my babies, but like every parent, I was excited to see them find families and go to good homes. They have all been adopted and now I am the only one left. I hope I am able to find a family soon. A lot of people come to Lifeline Puppy Rescue just looking for puppies, but I have a lot of love to give as well. I will miss my foster family, but it makes me happy to know that another foster puppy will go to their home and receive the same care I did. I am so thankful for everyone who supported me from Lifeline to my foster family to all my Facebook friends. I hope they get to see me find a new home soon where I can be loved and start a new life adventure!