Keep Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is supposed to be spooky for us, but not for your pet! Here are some ways to keep pets safe so they too can enjoy the holiday: 

Get Them Used to the Festivities: Costumes and holiday festivities can be very scary for your pet. You can help acclimate them by showing off your costumes early or having a family member practice being a trick-or-treater while you give them positive reinforcement and lots of doggy treats. 

Keep Away the Candy: Many of the treats we love are toxic to dogs and cats. Any type of chocolate is dangerous to your pet as well as any sugar-free candy that contains xylitol. Make sure to hide the bowl where your pets can't reach and that nothing falls to where your pet can eat it. 

Decorate Safely: Decorations including pumpkins, corn stocks, and anything electrical or battery-powered may present a risk to your pet. They might choke on external pieces, knock over jack-o-lanterns with candles, or ingest something they aren't supposed to.  

Watch the Door: You may have many people dressed in costumes visiting your house, which might make it easy for your pet to escape. You may want to make sure they are in a separate room away from the entrance or kept on a leash so that they don't dart out the door. Make sure your microchip is up-to-date and they are wearing proper tags if your pet does accidentally get out. 

Don't Leave Them Out: Halloween tricksters can present a danger to pets (especially to black cats or other animals). Keep them inside at all times so they are safe in your home.

Pet Costumes Aren't for Everyone: If your pet doesn't love wearing a costume, you may want to let them dress up as themselves instead or give them a festive bandana. Pet costumes are an unnecassary stress that can add to the anxiety of the evening. Big pieces of the costume could get your pet stuck on something or present a choking hazard if your pet chews on it. 

This Halloween, give your pets treats instead of tricks and help them be safe!