Giving Tuesday

What does it mean to give to Lifeline Puppy Rescue? Imagine it from a puppy’s perspective. The puppies we receive often come from other shelters that are high-kill, over-crowded, or are unable to care for their puppies. We journey to Texas, New Mexico, and throughout Colorado to pick them up, taking in 20-40 puppies at a time. Some of them wag their tails to greet us, but others hide in the back of their kennels, scared of where they may be going. We pet them and hold them and tell them that they are safe. They arrive at the rescue with many volunteers waiting, who have spent the day preparing for them to go into foster or making comfortable accommodations at the shelter with blankets, toys, and lots of food. They especially love the food!


Some puppies will be ready for adoption that weekend, but some are too young or need more time at the rescue. Some are just days old and come with their mom or need to be bottle fed if something happened to their mother. Some are not ready because they might be too fearful and need some socialization. Or they may have an injury or birth defect that needs our medical attention. As a no-kill shelter, we are here to help rescue puppies, no matter their situation. We don’t turn these puppies away and do all that we can to save their lives.


When they are ready to find homes, we bring everyone together for an adoption event. They might be wondering what’s going on at first as they see people looking at them and maybe taking them out to play and maybe putting them back in their pen. People might come and go and while many get adopted, some may not find a home that weekend. But eventually for every puppy there is a moment, this one special moment when a person comes and the puppy knows, “This is my person.” They get to go home with that person and will forever be a part of that family. That family might have children or other dog friends or even cat friends. There are so many combinations, but that one will be perfect for that puppy.


So what does it mean to give to Lifeline? It means you are giving a homeless puppy a chance to feel safe and loved. It means you are giving a family a lifetime companion that will be forever part of who they are. It means you are saving the life of a puppy that without the help of Lifeline, might otherwise be lost. So this Giving Tuesday on November 27th, keep Lifeline Puppy Rescue in mind and know that you are making an incredible impact to give a puppy a chance at an amazing life.


To make a difference in the lives of the puppies at Lifeline Puppy Rescue for Giving Tuesday, click on the link: https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/3ibstyf9e8g1