8 Spring Tips to Keep Pets Safe

Spring is here! Finally we can shed our winter coats and enjoy the warm weather with our four-legged friends! While we want to enjoy all the good things that come with Spring, there are also some things to watch out for to help keep pets safe:

1. Watch the sweets: Chocolate and Easter goodies might be tasty for us, but they can be toxic if ingested by dogs or cats. Same goes for xylitol which is found in sugar-free candy and gum. Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs and can even cause liver failure.

2. Watch the decorations: You'll also want to watch for the fake grass that often comes with Easter baskets. This especially attracts cats and if swallowed can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or even require surgical removal.

3. Watch the flowers: Many Spring flowers can be beautiful, but are highly toxic and can prove fatal if eaten. Toxic plants include lilies, rhododendrons, and azaleas. You also want to mindfully store any fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides as their ingredients may be dangerous if ingested.

4. Watch the Spring cleaning:  As we clean up the house, keep in mind that almost all cleaning products, including all-natural ones, contain chemicals that are harmful to pets. Same goes for any home improvement products such as paints, solvents, and mineral spirits that can cause severe irritation or chemical burns. 

5.  Watch for storms: Many pets can become fearful or stressed during Spring storms. It is important to make sure an anxious pet is not left alone during these times so they don't accidentally harm themselves or your home. You can also try a thunder-shirt or ask your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medication. 

6. Watch the windows: Although many dogs like to stick their head out of the car window, the flying debris or insects outside the car can cause inner ear or eye injuries and lung infections. You also want to keep screen on home windows.The warm weather calls for windows to open, but are hazardous to pets (especially cats) who are prone to jump or fall through windows without screens.

7. Watch the bugs: As the warm weather moves in, so do the bugs! Ask your veterinarian about flea and tick treatment and heart worm preventative that can keep your pets safe.

8. Watch for allergies: Spring allergies aren't just for humans. Pets can be allergic to food, dust, and pollen and allergic reactions can cause itching, sneezing, and even life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Check with your veterinarian if your pet has any symptoms you suspect may be related to Spring allergies.

We hope these tips help you and your pet enjoy Spring-time safely! To read more on Spring safety tips, visit: