Spring Time is Here and so is Puppy Season!

It’s springtime at Lifeline and we are being inundated with requests to take puppies! We need your help!


  • Puppy milk replacer
  • collapsible play pens 
  • puppy toys

Can you help us? Click on our Amazon wish list for one way to help us! Click here for our wish list

If you would like to donate puppy milk, play pens, toys, blankets or newspapers in-person, donations can be dropped off at Lifeline Puppy Rescue (15171 Riverdale Road, Brighton, CO, 80601) on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3PM.

If you are unable to drop off during those times, but still want to donate, please schedule a convenient drop-off time via our email: lifelinepuppyrescue@yahoo.com

Fosters are always needed here at Lifeline. If you are able to help and want to learn more information about our puppy foster program, please e-mail: fosterwithlifeline@gmail.com or click here to learn more