German Shepherd Mix
9 Weeks

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My name is Astoria!

  • German Shepherd Mix

  • 9 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $475

This is Astoria, a sweet and affectionate puppy who loves to play. She is able to entertain herself for stretches of time but is happiest interacting with people and other dogs. Other than not being house broken yet, she’s not destructive and tends to play only with the toys she’s given or sees other dogs play with. She watches the cat and is a little curious but doesn’t chase or otherwise try to interact with her. She doesn’t bite or jump, and only occasionally barks when she’s excited. Astoria still isn’t used to being in a kennel, crate, or playpen by herself quite yet. Like most puppies, Astoria is startled by loud noises or unexpected movements but is easily coaxed back. Astoria has been fostered in a home with kids aged 10-13, 2 adult dogs, and a cat. She isn’t leash trained or crate trained yet, and she is working on house training, ‘come’ and ‘sit’.