Boxer/Shepherd Mix
5 Months

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My name is Rosie!

  • Boxer/Shepherd Mix

  • 5 Months

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $250

Rosie (#288) is a shy and lovable puppy. She will need a patient and loving family to help her overcome her shyness. She is a very cuddly puppy once she warms up. Rosie loves other dogs and would be thrilled to have a dog brother or sister to romp around with. She sleeps through the night and has figured out potty training. She will happily sleep in a crate at night or in bed with a human if the human prefers. She learned how to go through a doggie door even though she was a little unsure of the swinging flap initially. She is not a fan of the leash yet, but she’s working on it. She is in a foster home with two teenagers and a rambunctious 11 year old so she has been around older kids and done well with them. She likes hanging out near people when they are working or watching TV or reading or whatever they are doing. Rosie is definitely a people dog and once she gets over her shyness she will form a very strong bond with her family. She will make a wonderful addition to her forever family!

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