Pit Bull Mix
10 Weeks

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My name is Rainbow Dash!

  • Pit Bull Mix

  • 10 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $450

This is puppy 232! My kids named her Rainbow Dash (because they are obsessed with my little pony right now and because she is a fast runner!) she has so much personality! When we first got her, I felt like she didn’t know how to be a dog. Normal life scared her. After the first day, she trusted us and began to gain confidence! A few days in and she was running around the yard with our dogs and having an amazing time!! She loves chasing ball and chewing stuffed dog toys! She loves to snuggle on the couch together! She is extremely loyal and in love with her people. If you give her a day, this will be your best friend for life! She follows us everywhere and is so curious about exploring new things. She still shivers when she gets nervous but we try to just give her so much love and tell her what a good girl she is! She loves car rides and napping in the sun. She does very well with our kids, dogs, and has met our cats! She is cautious and polite with the cats so far and just wants to see if they will play with her. She has also started learning to potty train and is making good progress while I’m home during the day! This puppy is just looking for love! She is such a good girl!