Husky Mix
14 Weeks

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Happy 30th Birthday Lifeline Puppy!



My name is Tory!

  • Husky Mix

  • 14 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $450

Hi, I’m pup #146, but my foster mom calls me Tory. I’ve been in my foster home for about a week, and my foster mom says “WOW! I’m a really great, sweet, smart puppy!” I was pretty much potty trained from day 1, I sleep all night in my crate, play independently with my toys, and a great snuggler. One of my cool features is my half blue eye—hard to get a picture of but we finally got one! I love all the people that I have met, and I have an awesome foster brother, a 90 lb lab named Rocky. We have been buddies since I got to the house—he plays with me, let’s me follow him around, and even takes naps with me. I have free-run time around the house, and “so far so good” my foster mom says. I do like to be close while my mom works so she set up a box with a blanket on the chair next to her desk and I just hang out there and take a nap. I hope you will consider adopting me as your new family member, I’d love to find my forever home and snuggle with my new family.