Australian Shepherd Mix
13 Weeks

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My name is Domino!

  • Australian Shepherd Mix

  • 13 Weeks

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $450

I was picked up by my foster family on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I instantly won their hearts! I am the sweetest, most loving puppy they have ever met. I absolutely LOVE to snuggle. I refuse to nap without snuggling up with someone! And I can sleep anywhere. My foster family has been working with me to learn to sleep in my kennel all night and for the past 4 nights I have done it! They are so proud of me (plus they are finally sleeping!). I sleep in my kennel now from 8 pm to 6 am. I really like to carry around small stuffed animals, but I play with them gently. So far, I haven’t destroyed or chewed on anything (can you believe that?!). I am a really good jumper and love spending time laying on the couch with people next to me. My foster family’s favorite thing I do is I make lots of really cute little grunts. They think maybe I am part piglet! I am super good with kids! In fact, my foster family’s son is my favorite person I’ve met yet. I am also really good with other dogs. My foster family has a dog, and I got to spend Thanksgiving with my foster family’s family and they have a senior dog and I did so good playing with her and leaving her alone when she was done playing. I will make the best dog ever and I can’t wait to meet my forever family!