Doberman Mix
10 Months

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My name is Molly!

  • Doberman Mix

  • 10 Months

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $300

Molly is a sweet girl who really just loves life and loves people with a tiny of shyness that makes her hesitate a bit before saying hello to someone new. With a few seconds pause she’ll come right up to sniff you! Once she’s used to you she likes to be where you are but not always glued to your side. She’s happy as long as you’re in the room with her! Molly is a very energetic puppy and would be happiest with an active family and maybe caution around small children, she’s not much of a jumper but her zoomies can get pretty crazy! She is also a rather skilled escape artist and would recommend supervision outdoors! She would prefer a home without cats, but loves other dogs! She would be a great playmate for another dog.