Heeler Mix
6 Months

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My name is Scooby Doo!

  • Heeler Mix

  • 6 Months

  • Girl (Spayed)

  • $225

Hello my name is Scooby-Doo (my 4yr old picked it out). I am very outgoing. I am secretly becoming the favorite because I love everyone unconditionally. I currently live with other dogs of all ages and cats of all different ages. My foster family also includes a 4ty, 12yr, 14yr and 16yr old humans. I have been doing really well with everyone but especially with the 4yr old because I think he's my best friend. I don't care about the cats, I know they are there but I know my ranking in the family. I have had no accidents in over a week. I love to run around with the other dogs. I am working on actitvly listening. I know what NO means. I am trying to work on basic commands and I'm movitivated by praise (not food). I hope you will choose me to be with you these holidays because I have so much to give!