Shepherd Mix
20 Weeks

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  • Shepherd Mix

  • 20 Weeks

  • Boy (Neutered)

  • $225

Randy (#1085) is a sweet, adorable little pup. He is the happiest, most tail wagging (his whole bottom wags) puppy we have fostered. He is a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly. He loves to be near his humans and get lots of pets, but also does fine in the house when we leave. He loves squeaky toys, balls, bones and treats. He is such a good boy and only chews on his doggy toys and bones and does not chew on other things (past fosters and my own dogs have considered my couch, chair legs etc. to be chew toys). He has a very mellow personality for a puppy and will be up for playing, but then just chills or plays with his toys by himself. He gets along great with my 2 dogs and knows he can play with my dogs, but also backs off when my bratty terrier has had enough. He is an amazingly smart pup and he learned to go potty outside his first day at our house (followed the lead of my dogs) and has had zero accidents inside. He has access to the doggy door and goes outside when he needs to. He sleeps through the night on a dog bed at the foot of his foster mom’s bed. He is an absolute joy and the family who gets him will be very lucky to have such a well rounded puppy!